KEA Educators Summit

KEA inviterer alle relevante brancheaktører til at tage del i Educators' Summit, som sætter fokus bæredygtighed, tech og forandring med afsæt i uddannelsen af morgendagens medarbejdere.

KEA inviterer til Educators' Summit den 25. og 26. maj 2020.
KEA inviterer til Educators' Summit den 25. og 26. maj 2020.
Dato 25. & 26. maj 2020 Sted KEA, Meinungsgade 6, København N
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During the two Summit days, we will together create a space for exchange of good practices within education for sustainable fashion and discuss research outputs and upcoming trends. However we know that inputs are not enough and we will this year succeed in bringing all to the table to call for action. We will come up with a variety of already ongoing actions/initiatives from different institutions, which one can commit to. 

The Summit will entail the following:  

  • Exploring the power of students as game changers for a sustainable fashion industry // inviting businesses, politicians and educators for dialogue   
  • Tech in Fashion Education // Workshop hosted by KEA  
  • Get your hands dirty with sustainable materials // Workshop hosted by Material Design Lab, KEA 
  • Fostering Practices of Change, in ourselves and through our students - showcasing an innovative new tool to support educators in developing curriculum // Workshop hosted by Center for Sustainable fashion, London. 
  • Commitments to joint actions across institutions and borders to accelerate change within fashion eco-systems  

Education must play a role in the transformation for sustainability, however educators alone cannot make the change. Hence, apart from educators, we urge students, researchers, representatives from businesses, NGOs/CSOs and other relevant actors from all over the world to join the Educators' Summit 2020 in Copenhagen, as we need a cross-disciplinary approach to this complex transformation for it to happen.  

A detailed program is in process and more information will be shared once it is finalized in the beginning of March, 2020. 

Read more and buy your tickets here.

What: Educators Summit 2020 - A critical approach to education for sustainable fashion. 

When: 25. & 26. May, 2020

Where: Copenhagen School of Design and Business (KEA), Meinungsgade 6, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Who should join: Educators, students, business representatives, researchers, representatives from NGOs/CSOs and others passionate about sustainable fashion.   

Teams get discount: If you are 3 or more signing up you will get a discount of 200 DKK pr. ticket. Please contact for a discount code.  

Questions: Contact