Scandinavian fashion

As a industry association for Danish fashion and textile companies, Dansk Fashion and Textile is also part of the Scandinavian design culture into which the Danish designers were born. A Scandinavian design culture characterised by strong design, clean lines and impeccable quality that stands up to scrutiny.

Scandinavian design is popular and in recent years a phenomenon called “New Nordic” has arisen. New Nordic actually originates from the culinary wave, when the world opened its eyes to Nordic specialities. These currents are also reflected in fashion, where Nordic nature, cultural heritage and craft tradition are still often used as references by designers.

The Nordic element is expressed in the designers’ choice of colours, materials and manufacturing, all of which hint at Nordic authenticity in their own unique way.

The “New Nordic” phenomenon is not solely characterised by Danish fashion; it is also a common starting point for Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese fashion brands.

Scandinavian fashion and design has become a brand in itself, attracting fashionistas from all over the world to experience it in its country of origin, including at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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