Delogue x DM&T: Masterclass in Certification Management

Digitale genveje til grøn omstilling er DM&T's webinarrække, hvor vi løbende inviterer spændende oplægsholdere til at fortælle om deres digitale løsninger, der kan gøre din virksomhed grønnere.

Dato 14. september 2023 Sted Online
Tid 9 - 10 Tilmelding til Nederst på siden

Everyone is aware that certificates are becoming more and more prevalent in the apparel and fashion industry. It's a way of proving that what we say we're doing is actually true and not just greenwashing. But how do we handle all these certificates? Join Delogue as we explore the different certificates (good and bad) and show you how to work with them. We'll also give you a sneak peek into how one of our customers are working successfully with certificates and using it to achieve their sustainability goals.

Event key takeaways:

Comprehensive Understanding of Certification: Gain a deep understanding of the importance of certification in the fashion industry, major certification bodies, common certifications, and their impact on business. 

Insights into Certification Management: Learn about the various complexities and challenges involved in obtaining and managing certifications and the potential risks of non-compliance.

Strategic Perspective: Get a broad perspective on the role of certification in product strategy, consumer perception, and brand reputation.

PLM's Role in Certification Management: Understand how a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system can help streamline the process of certification management, thus saving time and reducing risk.

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