Dansk Fashion and Textile

Industry and employers' association for the Danish fashion and textile companies.

09. april 2018

Dansk Fashion and Textile is the industry and employers’ association for Danish textile and clothing companies. Its main task is to support the important Danish fashion and textile industries at home and abroad.          

Dansk Fashion and Textile represents more than 350 companies in the Danish fashion and textile industry. Among other things the association provides expert and legal consultancy, inspiration, political lobbyism and networking. Through dedicated consultancy the organisation assists individual members with everyday tasks, but Dansk Fashion and Textile also works with the industry as a whole on large-scale projects and to create better framework conditions for the industry.

The fashion and textile industries are globally oriented, and continued development of this sector naturally calls for cooperation across borders. Therefore Dansk Fashion and Textile has a number of trusted partners abroad. Alliances are one of the corner stones of Dansk Fashion and Textile’s work, which is also why it has a strong selection of trusted partners within the borders of Denmark.

Dansk Fashion and Textile has served as a valuable entity for the industry since 1895, and it is today a modern industry association with insight into the challenges that the fashion and textile companies are facing.

We represent the industry in various manners, therefore we are your direct entry to the Danish fashion and textile industry. We would love to get in touch and so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have enquiries.

For international collaboration and trade related enquiries please contact:
Michael Hillmose, Head of International Affairs,, +45 97117294

For commercially related enquiries, advertisement and membership related questions please contact:
Morten Dybro, Sales & Development Manager,, +4597117206

Press and editorial enquiries please contact:
Simon Hansen, Head of Press & Communication,, +4597117292