Guide to supply chain management

Guidelines and requirements for management of chemicals in textiles

08. marts 2018

Version 1 - updated 24th November 2015

This guide (download PDF version click here) has been prepared by a range of different textile companies as well as trade- and labelling organizations in Denmark and will help you to get an overview of the most important aspects when it comes to management of problematic chemicals in textile products. The purpose of this guide is to give inspiration of how to address the complex issue of setting requirements for problematic chemicals in textiles. 

This guide contains the following aspects:

The quick guide contains the most important aspects of this guide that are need to know for companies being in the textile business. I.e. the quick guide contains a listing of relevant legislation and useful links.

The section on responsible supply chain management describes useful standards and reporting systems within the field of supply chain management and gives useful links to supplier management.

An overview of examples of existing labelling schemes on the textile area is given in the section criteria for labelling.

The legislation regarding chemicals in textiles is described in the section lists of problematic chemicals in textiles. In this section, you can also find different examples of negative lists (lists of problematic chemicals in textiles) and positive lists as well as several relevant studies concerning problematic chemicals in textiles. 

In the section cases, a couple of Danish textile companies have described how they reduce the use of problematic chemicals in their textiles. 

Examples of useful tools and organizations that can help you to identify problematic chemicals in your supply chain are listed. 

Finally, in the section about the guideline you will find background information about the persons/companies who have contributed to the making of this guideline.